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Nous vous invitons à visiter notre école et à voir son environnement serein.

Nous vous invitons à visiter notre école et à voir son environnement serein.
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Mettez les enfants en premier. Preparez les à réussir dans la vie

Mettez les enfants en premier. Preparez les à réussir dans la vie
Build solid critical thinking skills that will enable our students to excel in their future academic and practical endeavors.

Nos classes d'adultes sont bien planifiées pour répondre à vos horaires chargés

Nos classes d'adultes sont bien planifiées pour répondre à vos horaires chargés

Faites la différence éducative et devenez le meilleur

Faites la différence éducative et devenez le meilleur

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Sunday, 28 May 2017


Temitope Elizabeth Akinbola

So after over two years in the French school, it was the year we were to go for our immersion programme

at the  French language village in Badagry.

Let me explain:  Students studying French in Nigerian Universities have to go for a year abroad in their thrid

year of studies. Some students travel to France, some to Togo, depending on your school arrangement and

financial capability.

 However, in our school, we went to the French Language Village in Badagry that year.

We were exposed to students from various Universities - DELSU, AAU, UI, UNILAG, and every French

Student in Nigeria. It was an exciting period.

But you see, one has to be intentional about his/her growth process in the French language.

Some people go there to perfect their language skills in Pidgin English, some others in the Yoruba language and some, the Egun (a native language spoken  in Badagry and Cotonou)......

It really depends on why you're there and how intentional you are about your WHY!

That year marked a turning point in my life..... Everything I learnt in the French School was put into practice.

After that year, I decided to enrol for an internship opportunity that opened up while in the French Language

Village, and I moved to Porto - Novo, the political capital of Bénin Republic where I worked - CTA

Bimyns; a tourist attraction centre, hotel and a radio station - Radio Wêke where I worked for almost a year

 and fortunately for me, school was on strike for the period I was there and  I couldn't stay at home for

fear of forgetting all I had learned.


For every student learning the French language, it is key to go to a French speaking environment - not

necessarily France, Canada or Switzerland. It could be any of our francophone countries. You mingle with

the French speaking folks in an official environment, visit their market place and go for their soirée (night

outs) amongst other things. You could be there for one or two weeks depends on your schedule.

It's a language baptism. You are immersed, and born anew in the language.

These are all personal experiences that helped me with speaking, reading and writing in the French language.

Friday, 12 May 2017


Temitope Elizabeth Akinbola
As an undergraduate student in the University of Lagos, I was not only scared of the language, but terrified.

I summoned up courage and went in search of a French School - I didn't want just any school, I needed a place where the language will be taught from the very beginning and most likely from alphabets, numbers....

Remember, I was an undergraduate who found herself in the department without understanding a single word in the language and at that stage, all your course materials are in French, even your classmates speak fluently and communicate without glitch with the lecturers in class.

I was simply TIRED! of the situation I found myself in. It was either I went back to write JAMB, or found my way around this language.

In my very first class at the French school, the teacher Monsieur Kwamè was very calm and patient with us - the students and he could barely speak English but he made us fall in love with the language.

 I looked forward to the next class and got myself armed with a French app.

The question: Is French that difficult to learn?

No, the French Language is not a difficult language to learn if you make use of everything at your

disposal to learn it. But I will say YES!! French is a complex language.

It is a language that is very gender and number sensitive. Every word is either masculine or feminine,

every determinant is either masculine or feminine "LE" or "LA" which means THE.

It all depends on your interest, how far you are willing to go for the learning of the language.

You must be committed to it.

Your interest must not wane.

You must keep at learning at least (10) ten different vocabularies daily.

It can get boring along the line, but find ways of  getting entertained in the language.

Every sentence you learn daily, must be utilized.

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